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Hire a Guide: Let me fish on your boat! Getting into saltwater fishing is rewarding but can be overwhelming at times. My goal is to mitigate any stressful aspects and enhance your enjoyment as an angler. I completely understand that it is always more fun to use your own equipment, and this experience will allow you to learn how to fish with your own gear. Besides the boat, I can provide everything else! I’ll cater to your goals as an angler, whether it’s learning every detail or just sitting back to relax and reel in fish. Above all, I’ll make sure that you have a great time with a safe return home.

Inshore (Wilmington)

Inshore: Inshore fishing in Wilmington is very productive. Flounder, red drum, sheepshead and speckled trout are just a few of the species that I enjoy targeting. On these trips, you can expect to fish the intracoastal waters of North Carolina. On calm days, we may also fish along the beach for nearshore species such as Spanish mackerel and false albacore. Inshore trips offer the perfect setting for anglers who like calm waters, abundant fish and stunning marsh views!

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Nearshore (Wilmington)

Nearshore: Nearshore trips (0-10 miles offshore) are perfect for anglers that want to stay within sight of land but still have the opportunity to catch hard-fighting fish. Expect Spanish mackerel, false albacore, king mackerel, and sharks on these trips.

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Offshore (Wilmington)

Offshore trips 10-25 miles: These trips are geared towards anglers that want to push a little further offshore and have a greater opportunity for larger fish. King mackerel and false albacore, are still plentiful at these locations. However, mahi-mahi, sailfish, grouper and snapper are more likely to bite at this distance. Instead of artificial reefs, we will be focusing on natural ledges which are common in this range. These trips can be accomplished in a half-day (6 hours).

Offshore trips 25-45 miles: Offshore trips in this range focus on natural ledges that are closer to the warm, productive gulfstream waters. Since they are further offshore, these ledges receive less fishing pressure which offers greater opportunity for large catches. I generally start the day trolling. Mahi, king mackerel and the occasional sailfish are the main targets. After trolling, I focus on bottom fishing for grouper and snapper. Of course, the angler may tailor the day to their goals, whether it’s trolling or bottom fishing.

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Full day gulfstream (Wilmington)

Full day gulfstream (60-70 miles): Fishing in the gulfstream is by far my favorite amongst my trip offerings. These trips involve both trolling and bottom fishing in very productive waters. Gulfstream fishing offers the best chance for catching mahi, tuna, wahoo and sailfish. Blue and white marlin are also possible occurrences during summer months. When bottom fishing, expect hard fights with large grouper and snapper. Gulfstream trips are geared for the angler that seeks unique adventure and big fish!

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Weldon: Known as the “Rockfish Capital”, Weldon, NC is a must-see location for all anglers! Located near the NC/VA border on the Roanoke River, many striped bass migrate here to spawn. April-May are the best months to target these fish. Days of 30-70 striped bass are the norm for Weldon; however, catching over 100 fish is a common occurrence. I generally target these fish with spinning gear using artificial lures. Fly fishing and live bait equipment can be provided upon request.


Weldon is perfect for everyone! Kids will enjoy the steady action, and experienced anglers can use advanced techniques!

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weldon 2024 dates

April 17 – May 22

Ivanhoe (Black River)

Ivanhoe: Located in Sampson County, the Black River offers excellent backwater fishing for freshwater species. We offer private access to the Black River which ensures a trip free of any boat traffic. Additionally, the Black River has very little development along its banks, so this is by far the most scenic and peaceful destination we offer. Expect to catch largemouth bass, bowfin and pickerel. The Black River is the perfect destination for anglers of all ages and skillsets that desire plenty of fish in a quiet landscape.


On the 6 Hour trip, take a break around midday, and your guide can cook lunch for you on the river bank!

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